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ART SMART: Collage in the Round with Deborah Morris

Creative collaging using mixed media, followed by an invitation to share his/her, ‘Today Story’ during Circle Time.  Set intention for this creative workshop is for the participant to focus his/her vision in the present moment (using any/all: intuition, personal goal, Elements and Principles of Design), creating a clear, positive image to take away for inspiration toward a life goal or personal intention or to simply enjoy!

Cost of the workshop- $15 (All materials are supplied)



Deborah Morris is a retired Elementary Arts Teacher, Never-To-Be-Retired Working Artist and Grandma!  She dreams and works in COLOUR and TEXTURE and is inspired by Poetry and IMAGINATIVE WONDER TALE! Deborah paints and sculpts, working with Molten Bees Wax.  She also enjoys creative play-time using Mixed/Multi-Media and Food!

Deborah is a formally Educated, Intuitive-Guide available to work with an Individual, Family or Small Group.  

Image’n’Thyme Studio & Garden offerings:

  • Art Elements - Design Principles Lesson(s)  

  • Creative Process Coaching Session (Expressive Arts, De-stress, Grief)

  • Children’s Art Party, [Any Occasion] Art Tea

  • Garden or Environmental Creative Arts Journey

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