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ART SMART: Creative Songwriting 2.0 with Stevie Wutnot

Creative Songwriting 2.0: Stories and Soundscapes

MAY 13 - CREATIVE SONGWRITING WORKSHOP with Stevie Wutnot! Explore your creative side and write a song with musician Stevie Wutnot, at APFTA!

We have so many talented artists in Hastings County and here APFTA, with lots of skills and love of art to share. That’s why we launched ArtSmart this past January, with monthly workshops led by our in-house artists. These workshops are diverse, creative and affordable. 



This workshop is a follow-up to the Creative Songwriting workshop Stevie led in April. Themes will be further explored. We will do some interactive "tuning in" exercises in small groups, then there will be a short presentation on ways to approach song writing from various perspectives. Next, participants will be challenged to develop their own "song sketches" (either in pairs, or individually) based on any of the approaches suggested in the presentation. Finally, we will reconnect as a whole group and share our ideas and experiences, with an optional "song-sharing performance" to close the day.

List of materials participants can bring: Pad of lined paper, pens, inspirational memories, personal items of significance that may inspire you (i.e. an old watch from your Grandfather; a ring from your mother, a toy or trophy from childhood, a poem that resonates, a newspaper story, or anything similar).

Cost: $20


I am an eclectic singer/songwriter and musician who enjoys a wide range of musical styles. I have written and recorded numerous original songs, and my music has been inspired by my diverse travels around the world. I lived in Turkey, where I co-wrote and produced 2 albums. During a 2-year stay in Mongolia, I wrote, produced and recorded songs for an original children's musical play.  In Tanzania, Africa, I wrote and recorded many acoustic songs which combined traditional folk music with African rhythms and instruments. In Guatemala City I wrote and recorded 2 cd's of "song sketches".  In 2015, I released "The Rag & Bone Sessions" on iTunes - which is an eclectic collection of songs featuring many Bancroft area artists. Presently, I continue to write and record my songs with a few select musician friends under the name "The Wutnots". 

To explore Stevie's music go to:


For more information, and to register, call Magda 613-332-7085.


Call Magdalena at (613)332-7085 to register 


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