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Abstractify with Holly Townson
10am, Jan 28, 2018, at APFTA

We have so many talented artists with lots of skills and love of art to share. That’s why we are launching ArtSmart, monthly workshops led by our in-house artists. These workshops will be diverse, creative and affordable. The last Sunday of every month. The first ArtSmart will be led by Holly Townson on January 28. Come out and discover how to abstractify.

In this workshop, we will discuss how to transform abstract concepts and feelings into the tangible: in the form of drawings or paintings. We will play with the abstract form through an experimental series of activities, and learn what it means to abstractify something. We will learn about trandional methods of creating in this style of expression, and have lots of time for developing our own. -Holly Townson

For more information, and to register, call Magdalene 613-332-7085.


About Holly

"I grew up in the small town of Port Perry, and I studied visual arts and English literature at York University, where I also earned my Bachelor of Education. After graduating, I lived downtown Toronto, where I worked as a silkscreen artist and workshop instructor. I consider myself primarily a painter, preferring to work large-scale using acrylic, gouache and oil paints. I also work with sound, sculpture, watercolour and illustration, and other mediums. 

I am fascinated by cycles of birth, growth, decay, death and rebirth. I am inspired by, and respectively create, landscapes of the mind/subconscious, human body and Earth. I intertwine these landscapes in visually stimulating and elusive dynamics. My work embraces severe contrasts, expressed through the use of highly saturated hues with earthy tones; hard flat spaces with mountainous forms and abstracted fleshes. Elements exist suspended in a foreign space, on the brink of recognition, and ultimately unrealized as objective or rational matter. My process is a balance between intent, spontaneity and experimental play."

Call Magdalena at (613)332-7085 to register 


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