We got a piano! And it was *easy to move!

And by *easy, we mean not easy at all.

But what are artists if not tenacious and resourceful, right? What are we if not passionate fools who see promise in every challenge? 

With that in mind, we embarked on the trek to Palmer Rapids, with cushions, sponges, belts, dollies, and bulgy muscles in hand, to pick up the piano that the generous Irene donated to our space.

Stevie, Sean, Andy, Eric, Andrzej, and Dwayne huffed and puffed and moved that piano over into its new home at APFTA. We are super grateful. And now we can express that gratitude through the tinkling of keys. How wonderful!

To honour our new arrival, we've put together a photographic exploration of the piano move. Enjoy!

Photos by Magdalena Bobula

Michelle Annette Tremblay