We've EXPANDED! Welcome to A (bigger) Place for the Arts!

In case you didn't already know, we are thrilled to announce that our space has grown! We recently took over the former Internet café that was beside us, knocked out the wall, and expanded our space.

Renovations were done by a small army of awesome, dedicated, ridiculously-good-looking, some might say crazy, volunteers. After a few intense weeks of power tools, sweat, and sawdust, we now have a beautiful large, open space.

Although it's about double the size of the original place for the arts, it feels even bigger.

There is more room for art on the walls, and more room for live performances. There's also more room for enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book in one of our many quiet nooks. There's more room for hanging out with friends (and friendly strangers), on the comfy couches. More room for getting work done on your laptop. More room for enjoying a tasty treat while gazing at colourful local art.

We are also growing our membership! We now have over 30 artists in our co-op. We offer a wide range of paintings, sculptures, and performances in our shop. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for upcoming events.

We are Bancroft's community hub for artists and art lovers, and with our expanded facilities we look forward to even more artsy goodness. Come in and check us out!

APFTA is open 10am-5pm Tues-Sun.


Michelle Annette Tremblay