What's it really like to be an APFTA member?

In a nutshell: FREAKING AWESOME!

It's not uncommon to hear members gushing about how much they love each other, the space, the energy, and all the countless things that contribute to APFTA's vibe. Here are just a few things our members have said...

"The hippest place in the GBA (Greater Bancroft Area) - with the best events!"

"The studio space upstairs rocks. For years I worked from my home studio and I would
either not be productive or I'd be productive but feel isolated. Now I find that I have very
productive days in the studio, and when I want human interaction I just head downstairs
for an Americano and some company."

"I can't believe how great this place is. I have amazing conversations every time I stop by,
and I've met so many amazing people from all walks of life!"

"I'm really impressed with the shop space. It's big, bright, with lots of foot-traffic!"

Want to find out what's happening at APFTA? Check out our calendar of events here!