The Kids are Coming! The Kids are Coming! [Kids classes at APFTA]


Yes, the rumours are true - APFTA is opening its doors to eager young artists in February 2018!  We have a team of talented APFTA members who are super-excited to instruct the kidlets (ages 8-13ish) in an amazing series of kids art classes.  A wide variety of creative modalities will be explored in each six week session.  There's talk of fiber art projects, plasticine paintings, shadow puppet theaters, drip paintings...there are literally no limits when you combine young creative energy with our artsy, enthusiastic teachers.

A Place For The Arts is a friendly, cooperative environment where kids can freely explore various art forms, which in turn helps boost their self-confidence.  Being creative in a non-judgmental, supportive environment makes kids feel good!  They will be encouraged to experiment and 'make mistakes', support each other through the creative process and to see things in new ways...all skills that will serve them well in all aspects of life.

The Kids Class program offers children living in the Bancroft area an amazing opportunity for self expression.  Each instructor will offer two classes highlighting a particular medium, technique and/or category of expressive arts, giving the students several outlets to tap into their own unique creative voice.  

If you or someone you know has a young master in the making, please contact us for for more information and/or registration at:

Michelle Annette Tremblay