Spooky times at Tin-Foil Hat Night!

You probably already know that there are documentary movies at APFTA every Thursday evening, but did you know that the third Thursday of each month is reserved for Tin Foil Hat documentaries? Yup, that's right, on the third Thursday of the month we delve, deep, deep, to explore hidden secrets. Was 9/11 an inside job? Do Bigfoot live among us? Are we being visited by extraterrestrial life? Find out! Join  us for Tinfoil Hat Night!

Want to expand your consciousness? Love conspiracy theories? Dedicated to health and wellness? Passionate about the arts? Awesome - we are, too, and we celebrate all these interests by coming together to learn and enjoy great documentary films!

Join us every Thursday night at 6pm for a documentary at a Place for the Arts!

Michelle Annette Tremblay