So...we're like...famous now [Video]

Or at least that's how it feels!

We've been featured in a video, exploring the always-inspiring Arts Route, here in Hastings County. If you don't know about the Arts Route, you need to drop your knitting needles and head over to the Hastings County site here and learn all about it. It's only the coolest, most weekend-rocking, arts exploration this side of Awesome-town!

APFTA's very own Michelle Annette Tremblay  and Sean Buk of WordBird Media produced the video, along with 6 other videos exploring the Arts Route. And if you're wondering who belongs to that beautiful baritone in the voice over, it's none other than our own Harold Eastman (founder of the Partista), explaining why APFTA is the bees knees. Check it out!

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Want to learn more about the Arts Route? Here are some more of the videos that Michelle and Sean produced for the county:

Michelle Annette Tremblay