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I think I have always loved drawing and painting. This love extends back to my childhood when I would spend my free time sketching, cartooning and doing the inevitable “paint-by-number”. However, it has only been in the last twenty years or so, since my children have grown up and moved out on their own, that I have been able to concentrate on my old love. I enjoy it immensely and find that I lose all sense of time when I get caught up in a painting.

I am a self-taught artist, but have taken numerous art courses throughout my life. I have recently moved to Bancroft, Ontario from Victoria, BC. While living in Victoria, I benefited greatly from the knowledge and inspiration of some well-known local artists, including Alesha Davies Fowlie, Bryony Wynne Jones and Lenaya Chrystall.

In Victoria, I belonged to the Esquimalt Art Group. Through this group I was able to display my art in various venues along with the other members. I also had the opportunity of hosting a solo art booth at one of the Victoria summer festivals.

I am now a member of A Place for the Arts in Bancroft. This is an art cooperative which not only allows me to display and sell my art, but also provides opportunities to network with other local artists, participate in various workshops and meet a lot of people through my volunteering.

I currently paint in acrylics and paint mainly landscapes and wildlife portraits. However, I will work on the occasional mixed media piece which gives me a sense of play and the freedom to just be creative. I have done some watercolour painting in the past, but enjoy the flexibility of acrylics, so I tend to stick to that medium now.