It is 2016, so I am 57 years young, well in my mind anyway. My general life philosophy; I learn, therefore there is a forward/positive trajectory principal to the universe, myself being a small part of a big whole. I have walked through the portals of marriage, motherhood, homeschooling, organic farming/ homesteading, special needs children care provider, community nursing and survival so far from acute leukemia. Formal education includes Georgian College Creative Arts Diploma after High School -Aldershot in Burlington, and later in life a Registered Nursing Diploma graduating from Algonquin College, in my forties.

My “General Art Philosophy”, do what speaks to me as an image. Drawing is the backbone. Medium of choice most practiced is silk painting with french dyes, lots of bling for the time put in. In silk painting there is no erasing,it is a mindful process in essence. I believe in creativity for all, it is fundamental soul food, be it art, writing, cooking, gardening, engineering,….environmental stewardship….you get the idea, in all these things we humans do. We are all artists in our own lives.

I enjoy the out of doors, sharing a country life with my husband, sharing time with my grown children, listening to bird song,  and viewing life as a mystical process.

Wendy Elizabeth Snefjella,       (nee Richardson)