Since the early 1970s, I have been exploring expressing my inner visions and emotions through drawing and painting. I’m a self-taught artist and what motivates me to paint is a need to express our connection to what I call the “bigger picture” of this life on planet earth. I paint energy – the energy of our inner landscapes as we journey through our lives.

I have a condition called synesthesia, which is a blending of the senses. For example, the months have particular colors, as do the days of the week. Sound has color and color has sound. Perhaps this is why I have visions with my inner eye. I see images in my mind and I want to bring them into this world. These visions pop in sometimes when I’m busy doing something – thinking about something or feeling an emotion. They come to me when I listen to music and they also come to me in dreams. Sometimes the paintings come out looking like what I saw, other times, they take on a life of their own and that’s when my intuition kicks in. It’s as if I am bringing the image out from another world or dimension onto the canvas.

I do a lot of contemplation when working. I paint in oils so I need to stop at certain points for the painting to dry before I can apply the next layer. During this time of stillness, I gaze at the piece and listen within to what wants to come out next. I work on several paintings at a time, so there’s always something dry enough to work on.

Born on Long Island, NY, just outside of New York City, my parents encouraged an appreciation of visual art as well as music. In 1979 I moved to Brooklyn, NY, and involved myself in the ever-changing art scene of New York City. I’m a self-guided artist and, although I didn’t receive formal art school training, I took workshops and classes that involved meditation, drawing and painting as well as more formalized classes in anatomy, life drawing and painting with light and color.

I am a psychic medium and energy healing practitioner and offer bi-monthly guided meditation telecalls. I also do Akashic Record readings and clearings and enjoy assisting people in clearing and releasing whatever is holding them back from knowing themselves deeply, living the truth of their being and fully embodying their Soul Essence.

I also like to write and am currently working on a series of fantasy fiction novels. Since 2003, I have been publishing The Vibe Report, which is featured on my website www.soultransitions.com and Spirit Library, as well as being shared on many other websites.

I invite people to view my art with their hearts, opening their senses to the language of feeling and inner knowing.


For more information, email me at leilah.nward@gmail.com