“Making photographs, nothing more, nothing less, I’m seduced by surface; it whispers secrets about it’s origins in the silence of light. This is where I search for meaning, in the appearances of things, I fix the shadow of a moment in time as a hopeful antidote to terminal flux. The meaning of these shadow-moments remains illusive, photographs are themselves artifacts in a transitory geography, a geography of a becoming; the present becoming the past. So it is when photographing whispers, if I look quiet enough, my photographs will whisper too”

I have been making photographs for about 35 years and graduated from the Photographic Arts program at Ryerson Polythechnical Institute in 1987. In 2014 I finally dedicated myself to the artists life full time. I’m currently working on a group of portrait photographs, a project that will include a cross Canada trip in 2017.

P.S. To questions of cameras used, film type and megapixels, a favourite photographer of mine, Minor White, said something like…..

                                 ….As to technical details, a camera was used faithfully.