Being eclectic in nature, I recently expanded my life long love of photography into other areas of artistic adventures – painting, drawing, jewelry, pottery, mixed-media and eco-art . My inspiration has always come from nature – its powerful beauty, intricate patterns and effortless manifestation of the universal laws. Acquiring a degree in Environmental Management made me realize how crucial it is for us to rethink our relationship with nature on a global scale. I think art is a very effective way of conveying this message and dealing with practical environmental problems. Accordingly, I enjoy using recycled and reclaimed materials in an effort to minimize the footprint on our planet. The more in balance we are with the system that supports our existence, the more happy and healthy we will be.

My travels around the world have given me the opportunity to exhibit in Poland, Australia and Canada (Toronto). I now enjoy life in the tranquil and picturesque town of Bancroft, where my studio at the Place for the Arts offers a unique creative environment to thrive in.


Pay From The Heart

This concept is my own cure for my inability to put number on inspiration. Creating art is a very healing and priceless process for me. My true reward is the satisfaction that you have connected with what my soul has manifested. Therefore, I have decided to pass on the process of evaluating my art onto you, at the same time giving you the freedom of using whatever resources you have to acquire what you desire. I strongly encourage you to observe your own thoughts when doing so and to share them with me- I would love to hear about your experience!

And please remember- I will be completely satisfied with whatever value you come up with, as I already have my true payment – your interest and enjoyment.