As an  oil painter living on a farm, I find my backyard is a large and  varied landscape in all seasons. The back yard is not just a green space of grass and a few trees, but this backyard has wetlands, forest, and open spaces with pathways and mysteries.

All seasons offer something wonderful to paint.  But  I like to paint Autumn scenes the most.  The vibrant reds, oranges and yellows capture my eye and imagination. The textures of leaves, trunks and the intermingling of evergreens create a world of never ending change.

I  paint plein air as often as I can when the weather is suitable.  I  go with a friend or on weekend paint-outs with the East Central Ontario Art Association (ECOAA) into the semi-wilderness.  The group paint-outs give me a wonderful chance to learn from other painters and try new styles and techniques and mediums.  I value these trips because I grow from the experiences.

My style of painting is Expressionism with a touch of Realism using oils or caseins.  The caseins are preferred while on plein air trips as they dry fast. Oils are used in the studio when there is more time to work on a piece.

Ten years ago I returned to painting taking some workshops and learning on my own,  and even though I am getting on years, I will continue to paint up a storm!