Holly Townson - Visual Artist

I am fascinated by cycles of birth, growth, decay, death and rebirth. I am inspired by, and respectively create, landscapes of the mind/subconscious, human body and Earth. I intertwine these landscapes in visually stimulating and elusive dynamics. My work embraces severe contrasts, expressed through the use of highly saturated hues with earthy tones; hard flat spaces with mountainous forms and abstracted fleshes. Elements exist suspended in a foreign space, on the brink of recognition, and ultimately unrealized as objective or rational matter. My process is a balance between intent, spontaneity and experimental play. 

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"I have been truly mesmerized by stained glass since I was a child; the play of light through the glass was absolutely magical to me.  My passion lead me to start creating windows in my spare time 25 years ago, and I am still as thrilled and enthralled by the medium today as I was as a young girl." - TANYA MAHAR

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Ken Balmer - Painter

Ken’s work is inspired by his search for and appreciation of spirituality in all its forms. Orenda is an Iroquois name for a supernatural force believed to be present in varying degrees, in all persons, creatures and objects – the spiritual driver for human accomplishment. Activities of nature are seen to be a ceaseless struggle of one orenda against another, uttered and directed by the ‘beings’ in the environment. Favourite subjects include hawks (his power animal), eagles, the essential spirit of animals, First Nation elders, southwest Native American Dancers, drummers, West Coast totems, sacred mountains/landscapes – wherever he finds and senses the power of orenda.

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Michelle Annette Tremblay